Year 4 Homework – Text Map


As mentioned on the homework timetable this week, we have been ‘text mapping’ in literacy. Here are the pictures that the children have used to help “internalise” the letter structure…

Also as promised here are the links to the two fractions games…

HWC6 William

One cold damp evening I was sitting on my bed listening to music. Then I heard a growling  noise it  it was like a werewolf growling.   Then it occurred to me there was no werewolves around,  so what could it be? I   scanned  my bedroom, then the house. The drumming of the rain  put me off. Cautiously, I went outside to the cold misty evening  and saw the late midnight sky.  When I returned inside, I felt some  material, the  material felt like the soft lays of my duvet.  So I went back upstairs , then realised  the growling noise was …

the goblet 100wc Navena

I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a bright glow on my wall. Curious, I went to see what it was. There was a hole. I put my head in it and found myself in a strange lab. There was a shimmering goblet in the middle of the room. I walked towards and picked it up. Suddenly it melted in my hand the material felt like candle wax. I heard footsteps so I ran to the hole and crawled back through the hole . The hole closed behind me and I found myself back in my bedroom.

100 word challenge – Charlie

It was a gloomy night and the wind was howling as I battled my bad dream. I went downstairs but nobody seemed to be around. I looked around and I even shouted out but there was no response. I got dressed and went outside but the street was deserted so was the football stadium… As I went inside, I heard a scraping noise. On the floor, I saw a lightsaber and so I picked it up and heard a unfamiliar breathing sound which belonged to Darth Vader! As the door clicked behind me I thought, what should I do?

100WC Week 5 – Cellina

Boo! I jumped. Skye jumped. “Who’s there?”stammered Skye. We both shivered and said, “I don’t like it here.” Then we saw a faint orange light leading to a damp hallway. Slowly we walked towards it. When we came to the end of the hallway,there stood a big,brown door. Skye put a hand on the handle of the door shivering slightly. She twisted the lock and opened the door. The door creaked. We went inside then the lock clicked and we were stuck! Luckily I had a torch so we could see. First I checked the door and it wasn’t locked!

100 word challenge – Fleur

March 10

Dear Diary,

Today mum bought me you. I suppose I should tell you who I am. Well, I am a slave and the year is 1839. I live in Basington Hall. Life can be interesting here. If you are thinking why my mum bought me a diary when I am a slave it is because she lives away. Anyway that’s enough for tonight. I’d better go to sleep.

March 11

Today I found key on the floor. The key was tarnished gold. Somehow I knew that this key opened the mysterious door. I put the key in and the lock clicked…

100wc week5 – Amir

a sparkly night, a little boy was running through the woods and found a house with crack holes  then the boy went in the spooky haunted house. so the boy went in then the lock clicked and ghosts apeared and bats scream all over the place like birds out of control. in that spooky night,a vampire flyed down and glanced at the boy and exclaim at the boy “why are you here? and we are about to have dinner” the boy was nervours and shy-ly speak”can I stay in the house and eat dinner with you?” yes you can !”  repiled the vampire.

100 Word Challenge Week 6

We are going to try and get involved in some creative writing this year on the 100 Word Challenge website. It simply involves writing no more than 100 words using a specific prompt. You can write about absolutely anything provided it includes the words given in the prompt (the more creative the better!) and it does not go over the 100 word limit.

Here is the latest prompt for you to have a go at. If we get any particularly good responses we can possibly enter them onto the official site… So off you go! Here are the words to include (they also count towards your 100 words).

…the material felt like…

(Parents, if you would like to know more then click on the image above to visit the site.)